How To Set Up Location Based Call And Text Reminders On iPhone

Setting reminders and alerts based on a location isn’t really anything new in terms of the underlying technology, but as we have seen so many times in the past, things seem to come to the forefront when large companies like Apple or Facebook adopt them and put them them back into the public eye. With the launch of iOS 5, Apple brought us the stock Reminders app that features location aware reminders and to-do tasks, but now thanks to the Location Alerts app for iPhone we also have the ability to schedule textmessages and calls based entirely on location.

The app is billed as bringing messaging and call scheduling features, but with a twist. Rather than making simple diary and calendar entries to go off at a specific time, or even using the Reminders app to flash an alert at a specific location, Location Alerts allows users to invoke text messages or attempt to initiate phone calls when the handset enters a certain radius of a given location. As outlined in the App Store information, there are a number of different situations when this actually might prove useful.


The idea behind the app is sound, but unfortunately, due to necessary security restrictions, the iOS platform just doesn’t really lend itself very well to this type of creation. The power of the app lies in the ability to create and set calls, reminders and text messages to occur when entering a certain location. Scheduling features within the app also offer additional power to the user. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t actually allow phone calls and text messages to be fully invoked by a third-party app and therefore requires the user to actually place the call themselves by accepting the alert or sending the message.


The only real difference with Location Alerts to things like the stock Reminders app is that it will populate a call alert with the desired number before prompting for confirmation or actually populating the body of a text message before requesting the user to send it. The user-interface is cluttered and deviates far too much from the use of standard iOS controls, in my opinion, and certain aspects of the app seemed to be there for novelty sake. An example of this is the map view that is displayed when attempting to select a location. After fifteen minutes of playing around with it, I simply couldn’t find a way to actually select the location from the map and had to enter an address manually from the previous screen.


The idea is a good one. But in reality, do we really want our handsets making phone calls in our pockets if we don’t hear the alert? I can’t help but feel that the iOS security restrictions are in place for a good reason.


(Source: Location Alerts for iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store)


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Photo Album – Photobook – Unique and Advanced Photo Book and Album Creating App


Photo Album by Appsicum is an iPad app to make custom photo albums which is worth trying. As you know, iPad’s camera roll and basic photo viewer are useful but feature-limited applications. If you have over 2 hundreds of images, it becomes impossible to manage them and digg through to the one you need. Besides, filtering pics and grouping according to certain parameters in bulk isn’t quite simple without additional software. This way, probably, thought Appsicum team when developing such handy and intuitive app called Photo Album.


Appsicum’s Photo Album is a powerful photo manager like Picasa for Windows. Its features can be divided into 3 categories: photo organazing, photo editing and photo viewing. Let’s examine each feature from different perspectives.


How to Manage Photos in Photo Album by Appsicum

The first step is to install this app from Apple AppStore and launch it. After that, in the left upper corner, you’ll see an option to create a photo album by clicking the corresponding button.

So type a name of your album, add its short description, indicate location, and time as shown on the screenshot above.  For example, Honey Moon on Hawaii in November 2012 will be a perfect title for the first iPad family album.


When you’re done with album creating, move forward and add photos to your empty album. In the right upper corner of the lower “My Photos” section, tap the “Plus” icon and the app will offer you photos to add. You can import all pictures from iPad photo gallery (“Photo” app at the bottom of iPad screen between “Mail” and “Music”), including those that are taken by iPad and those that are transferred from PC to your camera roll.

Above, you can see 3 sample pics that I’ve added to my album. You can rate each photos, check all EXIF info if it’s available and search for a photo by tags, date, location, name, etc.


All albums are placed in alphabetical order, thus, you can find what you want as quickly as possible.

Obviously, like other popular photo organizers, Appsicum’s Photo Album app for iPad allows you to:

  • Rename any ready photo album. Just touch its name and proceed to renaming;
  • Sort photos in album. As you set an album layout, you can drag and drop pics to change their order;
  • Move photos from an album to another one. And of course, you can delete any photo from an album. Don’t be scared to do it. The photo will be simply removed from this app. You can return it any time. Your image will be safe and sound in iPad photo gallery (it won’t be erased physically from your Apple device).


Now when we know how to add photos and create photo album, let’s learn how to select a photo album color fill or backgrounds for our pic collections.

Here’s a simple photo album layout that we’ve picked up for our photos. It has a 2-column structure but we can drag and drop photos to set a precise position for them. For this photo album layout we added the “Gift” background.


You can change a photo album background by clicking on the “Picture”  icon in the left menu and then tapping on the background you need. I can’t say that Photo Album by Appsicum iPad app can boast tons of album backgrounds, evaluate them yourself:


But there are backgrounds for all major topics like family album, Christmas holidays, vacation and love. However, if you aren’t satified with this, tap another icon with the “Color tin” and select any color fill for your album:


How to Edit Photos in Photo Albums by Appsicum on iPad

In spite of being a photo management app for iPad, there are several advanced photo editing features that might enchance your pictures. But if you need a real iPad photo editor, see detailes of the best iPad photo editors reviewed in our previous post.

1. Drawing on your photos


Pay attention to the drawing feature of Photo Album app. This helps you to add text/hints/comments/date or any other additional info that you want to make visible. To enable the option, open an album, and use the toolbar at the bottom (as shown on the the upper screenshot.) Set a drawing color and brush thickness. You can also erase all drawings if you change your mind.

2. Fun photo editing  - adding objects to photos

If you’re addicted to fun photo editing than tap the “Smile” icon at the bottom of the app when your album is open. This will turn on the fun photo editing mode, so you can add objects to your pictures. The objects are sorted according to the categories. For example, you can see “Summer” objects. There are also Christmas, Thanksgiving, Winter and Halloween objects.


How to View Photos in Photo Albums by Appsicum on iPad

Ok, after you are done with photo album creation process, go ahead and show your photo album to your friends and family. You can show photos by album and tapping on each image to enlarge it or turn on the “Slideshow” style and watch photos played for you.


Plus, you can add music if you have some audio files on iTunes in your iPad. Probably, an absolute absense of preloaded music for slideshows is one of the major drawbacks of Photo Album App by Appsicum. I suppose any classical music tracks would be a great add-on for this cute iPad photo app.


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Photo Effects Plus – iPhone/ iPad App

Wanna transform everyday instants into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family?

Photo Effects Plus helps you to bring the art and talent of Andy Warhol, Picasso, M. F Husain to your iPhone/iPod/iPad Touch photos.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just an amateur; Cool Photo Effects will take you to the brand new level of photo creativity.

Applying effect(s) is a breeze, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any editing experience or technical knowledge. All you need to do is swipe your fingers across the screen and choose an effect. As obviously, that doesn’t require any technical expertise whatsoever.

Alternatively, shake your device or tap on app icon in bottom and find a random effect. Don’t worry if you are not a great photographer coz Cool Photo Effects will help your photos look more like you actually intended them to.

It is as simple as counting 1 2 3.. select a photo, choose an effect and you are ready to share your art with world through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email and various other photo sharing services.

Website –

iPhone link –


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Location Alerts – Location Reminder App for iPhone


Appsicum a leading provider of innovative mobile software products and services, after the success of our app Future Scheduler, today announced immediate availability of Location Alerts that makes it possible for users to schedule future text and calls based on the location.

Available on the iPhone, the mobile tool allows users to schedule future text and calls based on the location. “Location Alerts is an example of how developers can use the unique capabilities of the latest Smart Phones to turn their app ideas into a reality.

Why? Well, imagine this. You are leaving the office for a party and were supposed to call wife so that she can get ready before you pick her up. You forget. Now you can imagine the situation. Can’t you? How good it will be to send a message or connect a call automatically when you leave the office so that she can get ready by the time you get home. There are endless examples and use cases like this and costs about $1.99. It can be downloaded via a link on the company’s website respective app stores. The best thing about Location Alerts apps in general is, to help make people’s lives just a little easier.

About Location Alerts:

-          Send text messages as you reach to a specific location*

-          Connect a voice call when you are in a specific area

-          Create voice and text based reminders to be triggered when you are in a particular area.

This is the first version of the application that we have launched. We would be making constant enhancements in our consequent releases to boost its usability. Meanwhile, we would be happy to receive any feedback, opinions and comments that you might have for the application.

App Download URL: 

iPhone link –


*On iPhone, we don’t have an option to auto send without confirmation, but Big Apple is to blame for that. Unfortunately they do not allow third party apps to automatically send a message or call unless user confirms it. That is part of their security set up and we have to follow that. On our Android app, that’s not the case though. That is why you need to buy credits in case you want to send messages automatically. We use a SMS Gateway for this purpose and hence you need to buy credits.

About Appsicum:  We are a motley crew of developers who want to build apps which will make your life easier and somehow help reducing the stress. It can be humor; it can be a tool to simplify your life or may be a game. We won’t promise you sun, moon or stars but yes, we can promise you that we will think differently and keep on building as many cool apps as we can.

To find the Location Alerts app online, visit



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Creating traditional albums, photo collages and mood boards with Photo Album

photo album-photobook


You create the albums on your iPad with PhotoAlbum. It is the most unique and advanced photo book and album creating app.
Download from


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Photo Album – Photobook for iPad

Photo Album is the most unique and advanced photo book and album creating app. Yeah! We do realize, everyone says that about their app so it is a little hard to believe. Right?

Okay, let us look further and that should help…

* Automatically create albums, based on GPS Location data, Ratings, Tags, EXIF Data, Date etc.

* The only app which also works as a full-fledged photo organization tool! If you don’t want to use albums, you will still find it very useful to manage your photos with folders, tags, EXIF Metadata and so on.

* Add clipart and shapes to albums

* Text layers to spice up your albums with captions.

* Free drawing tool to add your creativity in albums.

* Export high resolution PDF files for your albums.

* Manage individual layers on album page. Reorder or Edit layers with context sensitive tools.

* EXIF/Metatag support to filter photos easily and create albums on the fly.

* Control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in album

* Undo/Redo actions for ease of use.

* Borders/Frames to photos.

* Lock individual elements or whole pages.

* Background Image or color for albums.

* Share your creation with world on social media, email or save to library.

* Import photos wirelessly from PC or Mac or add from library/camera

* Create folders to organize photos

* Gesture controlled intuitive interface. Use standard iOS gestures to copy/move your photos in albums, transfer between folders, rotate and so on.

* Filter photos based on tags, EXIF, Meta Tags, rating, size, date range etc.

* Sort photos on multiple parameters at once.

* Show photos on map with location data.

* Slideshow with Music. Duh! (Albums and photos)

So what do you think! Still planning to carry on with traditional albums?

Download Photo Album and transform your iPad into your album collection. Use Photo Album app to conveniently create collage, mood boards, albums and photobooks with minimal efforts.


Note: When adding photos from library, iOS doesn’t provide date or original name of the photos so app uses a custom naming convention and takes transfer date as creation date. Please do not raze us with support emails or bad reviews for this. Someone else is to blame for this!

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Future Scheduler’ new mobile app allows you to carry your schedule around with you.

Forget Forgetting!!

 How many times did you forget to send an important Text Message or an Email coz you were too busy with just another chaotic day in office? How many times there was an urgent need to make a crucial phone call and well, thanks to your over-complicated and busy life, you simply forgot that?

 How great it would be to automate the schedules for important business meetings, wishing anniversaries/birthdays and even the Facebook/Twitter status updates. Nothing complicated, just take care of those damn recurring events so that we can actually focus on more important things in life?

 Well, Future Scheduler lets you do just that!

Forget having to write down your schedule on papers that often get lost and are never there just when you need them.

Automate the recurring events and tasks right on your mobile phone. Schedule a -

- Phone Call
- Text Message,
- Email
- Social Media update (Facebook/Twitter)

for a future date/time and simply get rid of organizers and diaries.

Create alerts with an easy and intuitive interface, set recurrence and that’s pretty much it. When the time comes, Future Scheduler will automatically send the email/text message for you* or connect a call or post a status update on Twitter/Facebook.

Moreover, all activities are synced with your calendar to avoid redundant entries. Even if your phone is not with you its still there in your alternative calendar. Think of it as your very own “private secretary” to schedule future phone calls, text message, emails and social media updates in a simple yet efficient manner.


* Syncs with device calendar.
* Snooze function for reminders.
* Import contacts from Facebook.
* Multiple recipients for text and email.
* Log of scheduled activities.
* Use templates for text and email.
* Recurring events – once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
* Intuitive and user friendly interface with touch screen in mind.
* Integrates with phone book to let you add recipients conveniently.

  Download from


 Android Market (Google play):
 Blackberry Appworld:
 Amazon App link:
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